So what is…

Scottish Episcopalianism?

The Scottish Episcopal Church is the Anglican Church in Scotland. The best place to find out about it is here. I serve as priest and Rector to two churches on the Midlothian/Borders border, within the diocese of Edinburgh.


Neurodiversity is a term which recognises that human brains work in a variety of ways. Some people have brains whose wiring is recognised as being on the Autistic Spectrum, often we self-identify as Aspies or Auties (Aspergers Syndrome or Autism). We tend to feel that we are aspire or autie rather than that we have a condition or syndrome. Similarly brains that work in Dyslexic, Dyspraxic or Dyscalculic ways are included. If you think you’re not included, don’t fear, your probably an NT (neuro-typical). The NTs are the largest tribe so tend to consider their brains normal, but we know that ‘normal’ is a fictional concept! 😉

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